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  “The Community Radio is a form of local radio which defines itself as an autonomous entity- and relies on the community for its survival without any commercial aims or objects.” Community Radio is a medium that gives voice to the voiceless that serves as the mouthpiece of the marginalized and is at the heart of communication and democratic processes within societies. Community Radio is confined to a small geographical area. Community radio is a program conceived, devised, developed and managed by the Community. It addresses their real issues, their sufferings, their wisdom, their expressions, their anguish’s and their feelings.

Community Radio gives a voice to voiceless, rights to those without, and power to the powerless

Vasundhara Community Radio is based on the agro-based radio, which located in bararamati and rural area of Daund, Phaltan, Indapur and Baramati tahsil with frequency of 90.4 MHz. Vasundhara CR has many programs achieving a lot of success in daily four hours broadcasting.

Many programs such as Pashudhan, Bhumiputra , Shashn Darbar, Arogya Sampada , Sheti Pathshala etc. focusing on the growth of farmers   and participation of them in CR’s programme. Vasundhara Vahini Crs broadcast their programmes in two sessions- morning  and evening. most of our listener are Villagers and villagers are involved In agriculture. so our signature programme is “Sheti Pathashala”. this signature programe is broadcasted for the benefit of the farmers. through this programme farmers are provided important and useful information on various agriculture related aspects like – New varieties of seeds, update commodity market, weather forecast, various pesticides and medicines Etc. programme is broadcasted in different types of formats. Some time agriculture officers are giving contribution for advising to farmers in live phone-in programme. station arranges group discussion of farmers and agriculture officers on various agricultural issues. Shiva-nana & Tukaram tatya named characters plays vital role of popularity with typical style of presentation in  that programme. “Sheti pathashala programme is miracle of  our life” that’s type of feed-back given by Farmers .

We were working from last two years with Regional Transport Office (RTO) state government level for the cause of National Event “Road safety Campaign”. We  doing work together in that campaigning.  Vasundhara  plays major  role in the awareness of  safety driving and traffic rules. Our station supports them to Broadcast their activities on Air. 

     The important and informative programs Based on Social as well as agricultural issues. The community interacts with the radio station by writing letters or trough SMS & Phone calls about various programs broadcasted. We also have live Phone-in programs to promote community Interaction. It also provides program in entertainment & cultural Activities. Other side of community engagement is Events. we organize event on various occasion and linters were give  their participation involving through the Events and Ground activities .we encouraging  local artist & groups for creating awareness on different issues. E.g. Health,   Women’s Education, HIV Aids Etc.